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Welcome to the Global Medical Research Fund.

The Global Medical Research Fund Is A 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Non-Profit Organization located in Barberton Ohio.   Dedicated to advancing medical research to find cures, and better treatments for a multitude of Endocrinology diseases by researching all possible avenues.



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The raising and distribution of funds for medical research

      Our mission as a non-profit research and educational organization is to allow private citizens and corporations to donate and pool our resources.Child Giving Insulin Injection.   These funds are then awarded in the form of block grants to various medical research facilities in Ohio and to provide educational grants to students.    
      Our current goals are to support research and therapies that show the potential to improve or cure various illnesses and diseases such as but not limited to Diseases of the endocrine system. We fully support grants to research agencies, and we direct most of our resources to genetic research.   Fundraising is carried out in both traditional and non-traditional forms, which includes selling merchandise through, holding fundraiser events throughout the year, seeking grants from corporations, foundations, Government entities , and asking for your donations.
   We seek to educate the public through our website, press releases, various publications, and seminars.  The Global Medical Research Fund Is dedicated to help fund medical treatments involving genetics as well as molecular research for diseases and disabilities which Doctors and other professionals have not been able to successfully treat and cure.

Why Ohio is so important to advanced medical research?

    The State of Ohio has one thing going strongly in it's favor.   Ohio's medical research infrastructure has the Center for Regenerative Medicine, the Cleveland Clinic and associated hospitals, The Akron Biomedical Research Corridor, University Heights Hospitals, and the Summa Healthcare Network. These medical infrastructures make Ohio #1 in the world in terms of biomedical research capability. Advanced Medical research could greatly benefit from Ohio, and Ohio could greatly benefit from further research; it is a perfect match!     
    Although genetic, and molecular research is in Ohio
we felt that a 501(c)3 organization was needed in this state to give a needed boost to funding, to help keep focus on finding cures,  to raise awareness  and educate in regards to medical research in our area.

     It is critical that all of us decide what we believe is just and moral (based on facts) concerning our children, loved ones, do we want them to suffer as we have? 
     In the coming years, genetic, and molecular Research will be one of the most powerful technologies in medical applications. 

     As informed citizens, if we do not help make those decisions, they will be made for us by others who may not necessarily have our best interests in mind. We can participate in the decision process in many ways. One way to participate is to continue learning as to better understand some of the complex issues further medical research poses for humanity. Another way to participate is to stay informed about medical research advances and controversies, and then make your voice heard by as many people as you can influence. Make a difference, they are our friends, neighbors, and loved ones whose lives will benefit from genetic and molecular medical research, and it is our responsibility to make our voices heard!